Logic brings you from A to B, Imagination Everywhere!

-Albert Einstein

albert einstein

Today, in our information overload society, it is confusing to fully understand the emerging paradigms and technologies that impact or even disrupt businesses and society.

On top of all this the physical structure of the information society is rapidly changing. This leads to new challenges on how to manage complexity without loosing focus.

Customers nowadays, are better informed and more demanding, traditional marketing and sales gets harder, your competitors are innovating and all gurus are telling you that you cannot stay behind, right?

After all you have to keep the pace with change or else you and your organization will become obsolete.

So it is time to take action.

While this is true, true innovation by definition does not have a ready to go roadmap. There is no Tom Tom for the next big discovery or invention.

It’s like the question asked in one advertisement: ‘How can you ask for directions if you are traveling to a place where no one else has been before?’

Nortel asked this question and went bankrupt,..hmm

So, where to start the search for the new world?

Discoveries have always been highly interconnected. Each innovation brings forth a paradigm shift that enables other innovations that were unthinkable in the previous paradigm. This is what science writer James Burke calls the Web of Innovation.

In his world wide best selling book ‘The World is Flat’, Thomas Friedman writes about the impact of technology on globalization and how it made the world flat again.


Today, more than ever, it is absolutely possible to grow your business from a local company into a true global one.

Most probably with a mix of employees, suppliers and clients from different regions of our planet.

This simply means that now with social technologies at play there is a big chance that your company’s next big idea will come from your customers, employees, partners or,..the internet!

All we need to do is to bridge the left part and the right part of our brain and go s0c1al!


It’s easy, you can start today!