Anil grew up in Paramaribo, a small tropical town in South America.

He studied Physics and Philosophy and graduated from the faculty of Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society at the University of Twente in the Netherlands where he wrote his thesis on “The use of Scientific and Technological claims in Advertising.”

He started his career in Change Management at Accenture, the company formerly known as Andersen Consulting, where he did the Human Performance Design School in St. Charles, Chicago.

“After Andersen I took a brief sabbatical to Barbados and Port of Spain, with a brief time in Paramaribo and Georgetown in Guyana and when I came back from my trip, I checked my voicemailbox in my appartment back at the Campus in Utrecht.

Note to millenials: a voicemailbox was in fact a microcassette recording device and was attached to the fixed phoneline.

There was a message from Oracle offering me to move and work for them in Dublin. So just back from the Caribbean Islands, I suddenly found myself travelling to a complete other place: Ireland.

And thus at the turn of the Millenium I joined Oracle in Dublin.

In this high energy company we were pioneers of internet with a strong anydata, anywhere, anytime focus.

Interesting experience, developed great business insights with Tier One Global Clients and Startups before and after the dot com bust. Time of great inspiration.

My last job in the corporate world was at Gartner, a Gorilla in the IT industry, after that I decided to follow my dreams and set up my own shop.

And so it happened that just before 10/10/10, I moved to another beautiful island, this time to the Caribbean, to Dushi Curaçao.

After some years of working & wondering at some of the world most leading technology corporations, I set up shop on a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

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I just needed wifi to set up shop and take it from there…

After all “my Computer and my iPhone” became “the Office”.

Given my background, I realized that one way out of the crisis is to transform our lives, starting with our minds and embrace the power of digital technologies as a tangible way forward.

My goal is to share what I know with our Society.

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