It’s not Rocket Science innit?

School of thought for talented young, upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders in the Caribbean, Suriname & the Netherlands.

Business is not the same, sports is not the same, schools are not the same and probably your own life is not the same anymore. The 2020 Pandemic has changed everyone’s life one way or the other.

Whilst the formal education system is there to combat illiteracy amongst citizens, The Anywhere School* is aimed at supporting the next generation of youngsters & entrepreneurs.

“Logic brings you from A to B, Imagination Everywhere.

Albert Einstein, Super Famous Physicist

The Anywhere School* is not a School in the classical sense. There are no buildings and there is no formal Curriculum. It’s a pure social endeavor and as such has a different metric system to measure success, it’s all based on learning about the next frontier.

Inside Google | Mountainview, California USA

We start small but we think Big!

In the beginning we will bootstrap and start in small groups Anywhere. We use generic platforms for learning & communication such as Google, Microsoft Teams, Youtube and Zoom.

We partner with innovative companies and organizations in the communities so we can reach more people over time.

We basically can not give all the people “fish”, nevertheless we would love to teach them that one day, not far from now, they too can learn how to catch their own “fish”!

Fishermen in Guyana, South America.